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Updates on the Aeta Ram Pumps

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

We received updates and pictures abut the Aeta ram pumps in Botolan, Zambales.

After the religious ritual to appease the spirits, the two AIDFI technicians and the Aetas were able to work on the catchment tank and the cement base of the two ram pumps.

But not immediately. There was another interruption, as they had to go down from their upland ancestral domain to the lowlands, so that they could vote in the special elections held for the congressional seat vacated by the death of Congressman Diaz.

Aeta Ram Pump

Based on the report of the project field staff, there are other reasons for the delay. There are not enough Aetas who have the skills to assist the AIDFI technicians. Also, although barangay chairman Palab promised his fellow Aetas that he would solicit food for those who would volunteer their time to work on the project, he was not able to get it from the local government.

Because of this, ELF decided to use part of the project funds to buy rice and needed food for the Aetas, so that more of them can join the volunteer workforce.

Aeta ram pumps 2