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A Ram Pump for Barangay Villar

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Posting some pictures for a workshop on Alternative Learning System in Edinburgh.

Using the “Context-Content-Method” framework we developed in 1986-87 for popular education, one of the contexts I selected is “sustainable development of Aetas’ ancestral domain.”

I visited Barangay Villar inside the ancestral domain. In a community assembly, Barangay Chairman Palab identified water supply as their most important need. I told them about the ram pump technology developed by Auke Idzenga (who would later win the Magsaysay Award for his work). The Aetas brought me to a potential water source.

ELF asked Auke for help, and he went to Barangay Villar to check the water source. He said it would be enough for drinking water and irrigation, plus a small “firefly” power system, enough to charge celphones!

While ELF negotiated with the Department of Agriculture for funding the ram pump project, a group of Aetas visited Negros Occidental to see the workshop of the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation Inc. which Auke heads, and also a ram pump that he had installed in a nearby village.

We hope that the ram pump project for Barangay Villart will be finished before the end of 2011.

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